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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sponsor an Episode for $100


Great work, team!

To sponsor, just select an episode and email us! Then you can use the nifty Donate button on our website here

Sponsor an episode! Email ghostsniffers@gmail.com to sponsor an entire episode of Ghost Sniffers. Business sponsors will receive a full-color ad in the episode credits. Individual or family sponsors will be credited by name and can have a family photo included in the credits. Every sponsor will receive a copy of the episode on DVD and two tickets to the big screen premiere of Season 2 in the winter of 2014. Any sponsor also has the option to appear in the episode they sponsor (with a speaking role) or have someone else appear in the episode.

To become a sponsor, take responsibility for the props and actor honorariums for any episode. Props can be purchased by the sponsor or the sponsor can donate the funds and the show will purchase the props. Honorariums to the actors help reimburse travel for cast members coming from far away. No DiMarco or Sorensen actor will receive an honorarium -- Gogo, Captain Snakes, Forge, Maxo, Maximilian, Kraken, Fey and Skully are all volunteers.

Episode's range in cost and prop lists. Check out the list below, choose an episode and become a sponsor today. Or talk to your favorite local business (or your favorite grandparent!) and let's make Season 2 a reality.

Here's the fine print: Episodes range in costs from $100 to $500. Sponsorships can be paid by credit card, check or money order. Only one sponsor can be allowed per episode. Sponsorships will be awarded on a first-come, first-granted basis and announced on the Ghost Sniffers Facebook page at http://tinyurl.com/ghostsniffersFB. An average seven-minute web series episode costs $5000 but we can make ours for $2000 each. All funds not covered by sponsors will be paid for by long-time supporters Noel Meredith and Neale Taylor, and Jennifer DiMarco as no-interest loans given to the show which will be slowly paid back by subscriptions through http://patreon.com/ghostsniffers

Special Goal! If sponsors can be found for all twelve Season 2 episodes, plus the special Halloween episode listed below, Noel and Neale will pay for Ghost Sniffers to once again air on television. The entire series -- twenty-six episodes! -- will be broadcast on two different Washington State channels in Kitsap and King County.

Episode 1 “The Monster Ball” SPONSORED!
Maximilian is in a magical coma and Ice has been turned into papercraft as the second season launches. Forge, Spark, Maxo and Gogo must discover a way to wake Maximilian and stop the rising tide of paranormal activity with help from the monsters at the Monster Ball.
Cast: Purple Imp, Spark, Gogo, Snakes, Fey, Ama, Bre, Forge, Maxo, Maximilian, Kraken, and Lenore.

Episode 2 “Song of the Sea” SPONSORED!
Spark and Captain Snakes sail the pirate ship playhouse out into the open sea in their quest for two of the five magical ingredients that will wake Maximilian. After being helped and hindered by mermaids, sirens, minnows, a swordfish, and a giant starfish, they discover the Eternal Song!
Cast: Spark, Snakes, Mermaids, Sirens, and Maximilian.

Episode 3 “Labyrinth of the Illuminati” SPONSORED!
In her search for one of the five ingredients that will awaken Maximilian, Gogo searches for her missing friends – the steampunk adventurers Jules and Verne Aire. Gogo finally finds the siblings in the clutches of the Illuminati!
Cast: Gogo, Jules, Verne, Illuminati Ghouls, and Maximilian.

Episode 4 “Out of the Dark” SPONSORED!
Jules, Verne, Gogo and the BOOs are lost within the massive
Illuminati maze. Will they be able to find the First Lightning that the Illuminati have stolen? Will they be able to make it out of the maze?!
Cast: Gogo, Jules, Verne, Illuminati Ghouls, and Maximilian.

Episode 5 “Bottle the Wind” SPONSORED!
Maxo travels all over the world on the back of the wind to try to bottle the gusts as one of the five magical ingredients.
Cast: Starbucks Crew, Maxo, Maximilian, and Kraken.

Episode 6 “Seeking Brother Eagle” SPONSORED!
Maxo finds himself on the ocean coastline in his search for Brother Eagle, the guardian of the wind, and finally is able to bottle the ingredient.
Cast: Brother Eagle, Brother Cougar, Brother Sealion, Brother Crab, Maxo and Maximilian.

Episode 7 “Avalon Forest” SPONSORED!
Deep into Forest Primeval, Forge searches for the Sword of
Glass, even crossing over into the mystical Avalon Forest. She can’t do it alone and calls on the Ghost Guys – Greg, Gabe, Garth, Gale, Gary and Gavin – to help her complete the quest.
Cast: Off-White Hare, Colorado Caterpillar, Forge, Templar Knights, Lady of the Lake, Greg, Gabe, Garth, Gale, Gary, Gavin, Maximilian, and Ice.

Episode 8 “Ice, Ice Hero” SPONSORED!
Following the directions Forge and the Ghost Guys got from the Lady of the Lake, papercraft hero Bianca Ice travels through a world of snow and ice. The story of how she became papercraft is revealed and her destiny is embraced.
Cast: Students, Calico Cat, Pink Queen, Ice and Maximilian.

Episode 9 “There Be Dragons” SPONSORED!
Back on the ship with Spark and Captain Snakes, the quest for Dragon Tears (the final ingredient) drags on and time is running out. After a battle with a rogue pirate wears them down, it’s the appearance of Abara Stone, the warrior genie, who gives them hope. Stone carries Spark away to the edge of the world where dragons reside while Captain Snakes sails off into the ocean.
Cast: Spark, Snakes, Stone, and Maximilian.

Episode 10 “Dream a Little Dream” SPONSORED!
Jules, Verne, Ice, Forge, Maxo and Gogo gather to try to
regroup. Spark and Captain Snakes are missing and Forge is taking it very, very hard. The scenes with the heroes are broken up by scenes with Kraken dreaming of a Cinderella world her Maximilian attending a Royal Ball.
Cast: Prince Caspian, Maximilian, Kraken, Jules, Verne, Ice, Forge, Maxo, and Gogo.

Episode 11 “The Badder They Are” SPONSORED!
With the help of the newest incarnation of Agent Skully and the Purple Imp, Forge and the heroes come to the rescue of Spark and Stone who have been captured by the Monster Bunny!
Cast: Monster Bunny, Agent Skully, Spark, Purple Imp, Gogo, Stone, Maximilian, Jules, Verne, Forge, Maxo, Greg, Gabe, Garth, Gale, Gary, and Gavin.

Episode 12 “Land of Ahhs!” SPONSORED!
Set in the Dreamworld that has shaped itself into a parody of the Land of Oz, Maximilian (as Dorothy), Spark (as the
Courageous White Tiger), Maxo (as the Loving Clockwork Man), and Gogo (as the Brilliant Zombie) uncover the true force that has held Maximilian in his magical coma and help bring Maximilian home at last.
Cast: Good Witch, Bad Witch, Maximilian, Gogo, Spark, Forge, Maxo, Jules, Verne, and Ice.

Episode 0 “Fright Night Fair” (The Halloween Special) SPONSORED!
Forge, Jules, Verne, Spark, Maxo, Maximilian, Kraken, and Gogo are called to a dangerous case in a carnival. A group of young people from a local school have gone missing and the paranormal is suspected. This Halloween special will launch the format for Season 3 and allow current heroes exiting the series to say goodbye while introducing new heroes from among the group of missing kids and teens.
Cast: Forge, Jules, Verne, Spark, Maxo, Maximilian, Kraken, Gogo, Ghost Clown, Night, Dawn, Greg, Gabe, Garth, Gale, Gary, and Gavin.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Calling Young Writers

Late last year, I opened the creative doors at Ghost Sniffers and invited several of our young stars to explore the other side of the desk, so to speak. The project was a choose-your-own-adventure style Ghost Sniffers project where readers get to choose one of six heroes to guide through an investigation. The project required all the writers involved to (1) research the genre, (2) listen to an editor, (3) meet milestones and deadlines, and (4) engage the reader at every step with a cohesive plan. In exchange, writers would receive name credit on the book and a perpetual royalty on all sales of the book in ebook and trade paperback form.

The project was a success... and a failure. Half the writers were teens and half were adults. Half the writers met every deadline. Half did not. Half had cohesive writing plans (such as the approach I teach online at http://www.blueforgeproductions.com/forgeit.htm) and half did not. Half followed my revisions as editor perfectly and quickly, and half did not.

And it wasn't all the teenagers who missed the mark. It was *some* of the adults and *some* of the teens who found this trial by fire -- being thrown into the real world of writing and publishing -- simply too much to manage.

Does that mean that I closed the creative door and started doing everything myself again? Absolutely not. Does that mean the choose-your-own-adventure book will never be published? No way! Look for it in April.

What this project did, was remind me that life is made of victories and losses. Both of these results are learning experiences. Some might argue we learn more when we "lose" but I think we learn more when we take the time to reflect on either outcome. Instead of just celebrating or despairing, if we stop and think about what brought us to that point, we will learn vital information about how we function in the world. We need to stop and ask ourselves: How did we handle ourselves? Were we professional and respectful? Did we value the time of others? Did we encourage and guide and set a good example? Useless to ask is, Who is to blame? Where did others fall short? Because, ultimately, the victories and losses in our lives are our own.

I've recently opened that creative door again and invited young heroes to write the story text that goes with the Ghost Sniffers Adventure Decks. The two heroes who took on the project -- Maxwell and Faith -- spent three hours researching the genre. What is "flavor text" and why is it important to a good game? How long is it? How can snippets of text form a cohesive story that players will enjoy and be inspired by? Then they took the calender and charted out how many cards (there are more than 300 of them) they needed to complete each day in order to meet the deadline -- in addition to managing school, chores, exercise and family responsibilities like grocery shopping and visiting Grandma Snakes.

Will this project be a success, a failure or both? Will it make a difference that both Maxwell and Faith have completed the writing course I posted above? Will it make a difference that they are my children and they have grown up watching my work ethic, absence of procrastination and refusal to believe in that thing called "writer's block"? I'm curious to find out.

But whatever the outcome of this project or any others in the future, I know I'll continue to invite new writers into the world of Ghost Sniffers. Is it because I'm lonely as the only writer? No. Is it because I strive on the stress of whether or not someone will succeed or fail? Nope. It's because the Ghost Sniffers world is wide and wonderful and has barely been explored. No single writer could ever fully do justice to the alternate world that is Ghost Sniffers and I adore the knowledge that other writers are exploring that world with me.

As a matter of fact... If you want a challenge like none other and you're a young hero living with medical condition or disability that influences your life and gives you courage, consider contacting me. There are lots of projects on the horizon. Just make sure to talk with your parents first and serious look at your schedule. This is the big time, heroes, the real thing. And I welcome every one of you!

Jennifer DiMarco
Ghost Sniffers

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back to the Sniff: Ghost Sniffers, Inc. Sniffs Again!

It's game on (Sniff On!) here at Ghost Sniffers, as our cast of epic young heroes reclaim the "Ghost Sniffers, Inc." name and head into their second incredible season!

Launching the season with Episode 0, "The Spirit of Christmas," is our first-ever Christmas special. Watch it for free, share the link, and pass on the warm heart of the holidays any time of the year: http://youtu.be/V4tkCq-ML6M

We also have an all new website at http://ghostsniffers.blueforgeproductions.com and a powerful new public service announcement focused on Autism awareness at http://youtu.be/JAAvpXbPGPc

There's more to come just around the corner -- so many incredible surprises! -- so join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/epiclilheroes/ for breaking news or subscribe to this blog!

Wow! That's the most links ever :D

Friday, October 18, 2013

Exciting News! We're Not Dead! :D

Did you know that "Ghost Sniffers" became "Epic Heroes" and "Epic Heroes" is back in full-force with an app, a book, a role-playing game and much, much more? Come on over to:


and find out all the details :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Updating the Team

The KickStarter campaign has officially concluded with all the pledges finally collected by their system. We beat the odds -- it isn't unusual for 5 to 10% of pledges to error out and not fund. Our rate? 100% funded as of this morning.

Now begins the process of waiting for the funds to transfer (7 to 10 days) but there's no risk there and so the crew breathed a sigh of relief :) Now it all feels real to us!

That being the case, we thought it was time for a nice big update... but not here. We have the new blog set up with the new name ;) Though the links at the blog aren't active yet, that's all part of the update! From now on, tune in to all the best news at:


Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Epic Victory

Heroes -- cast, crew and supporters of the show -- please take a moment to smile and recognize the incredible thing you have all done. The campaign is successful. Not just the goal of $3000 but the stretch goal of $3333 that will cover all the fees that the system takes for processing.

This means that all of Season 1 will post and the premiere of Episodes 6 through 12 will happen at the Dragonfly Theater in Port Orchard.

Then Season 2 will begin to roll into existence. The new, nonprofit "Epic Heroes" will have a board of director that includes some of the parents of the cast and decisions will be made together as a team.

All of your hard work and support of each other has made this moment possible. All of us stepped outside our comfort zone and reached deeper into our courage and dedication than ever before.

Congratulations, Heroes. You have made the impossible possible in the most epic of ways.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me.

Let the adventures continue :)

Jennifer DiMarco
Proud to Be Your Director